Hangzhou Asian Games badminton men’s singles final: Li Shifeng defeated Shi Yuqi and won the gold medal




The Hangzhou Asian Games badminton men’s singles final was held on Saturday (7th) afternoon, and this match became the focus of attention, because the two Chinese players, Li Shifeng and Shi Yuqi, are both brothers, and they clash on the field. Li Shifeng finally defeated Shi Yuqi 23-21, 21-13 to win the gold medal, and this match was not only eye-catching, but also presented a wonderful matchup.


This men’s singles final not only represents the pinnacle of badminton at the Asian Games, but also highlights the strong tradition and strength of badminton in China. The two players are brothers, and their matchup shows the deep heritage of Chinese badminton. And Li Shifeng’s victory is not only an affirmation of himself, but also part of the excellent performance of the Chinese badminton team.

Contest Details:

First game: 23:21

The first game was intense, with both players showing a high level of skill and competitive spirit. Li Shifeng had a slight advantage at the end of the game, but Shi Yuqi was often the side behind to chase points. At the critical moment at the end of the game, Li Shifeng scored two points in a row and led 17:15. Although Shi Yuqi had tied the score, Li Shifeng was still aggressive, and finally won the first game 23:21.

Second game: 21:13

In the second game, Li Shifeng maintained the advantage and once expanded the score difference to 10:5. Although he asked the paramedics to check his left foot during the match, it did not affect his performance. Li Shifeng continued to attack and control the game with excellent attacks, and opened up to a 14-7 point difference. Although Shi Yuqi tried to fight back, the difference remained between 6 and 7 points. In the end, Li Shifeng won the second game 21:13 and completed the victory in straight sets.


The match showcased the excellence of Chinese badminton and highlighted the skill and perseverance of both players. Li Shifeng’s victory not only won the gold medal for the Chinese team, but also highlighted the following advantages:

  • Superb skills: Both Li Shifeng and Shi Yuqi showed excellent skills, including ball control, smashes, and net-to-net exchanges, which reflected their badminton skills.
  • Competitive Spirit: The competitive spirit of the two players was showcased in the match, as they competed in the competition and tried to catch up on the score, presenting a great showdown for the audience.
  • Chinese Badminton Strength: This match once again highlighted the superiority of Chinese badminton on the world stage, with Chinese players performing well in international competitions and winning traditional strengths.


The Hangzhou Asian Games badminton men’s singles final was an eye-catching match, and the duel between the two Chinese players brought a wonderful badminton feast to the audience. Li Shifeng defeated Shi Yuqi 2:0 to win the gold medal, which is not only his personal achievement, but also represents the excellent performance of Chinese badminton in the Asian Games. This match will always be remembered as a glorious moment for Chinese badminton.

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