League of Legends (LOL) theme song MV “Gods”: The legend of a professional player




Since Season 4 (S4), League of Legends (LOL) has released a theme song MV every season before the World Championship, which is not only a promotion for the game, but also a symbol of the wonderful career of a professional player. On the eve of the S13 World Series, the organizer Riot Games released a music video called “Gods”, sung by the popular Korean girl group NewJeans, which became one of the most exciting MVs since S8’s “RISE”, mainly telling the story of the last dark horse champion veteran Kim Hyuk-kyu (Deft).

The importance of the topic

These theme song MVs not only add excitement to the game, but also highlight the legend and dedication of the pros. They have the following importances:

  1. Motivate and inspire: These MVs inspire players and fans and tell them that they can succeed even in the face of adversity. The legend of the players is inspiring a new generation of professional players to strive for excellence.
  2. Promotion Competition: The theme song MV provides a powerful promotional tool for LOL events, attracting more viewers to participate in the competition and increasing the popularity of the game.
  3. Character Deepening: Through these MVs, players learn more about the professional players and deepen their connection with the players, which also makes these players superstars in the esports world.

Different types and their advantages

S8’s “RISE”

This music video is themed around Kang Chan Young (Ambition) and tells his legendary story. Ambition climbed all the way from ordinary people to the top, and finally defeated the “Great Devil” Faker 3:0 in the S7 finals and became a superstar among the players. This type of MV emphasizes the spirit of perseverance and overcoming difficulties.

S13’s Gods

The main character of this MV is Kim Hyuk-kyu (Deft), a contestant who lives in the shadow of Faker. This is a story with great contrasts, Deft and Faker debuted in the same year, but their fates are different. Deft experienced setbacks in his career, but never gave up and eventually returned to Worlds again. This type of MV emphasizes persistence and belief.


These theme song music videos add depth and emotion to League of Legends events. Not only are they part of the competition, but they are also legends of the players, inspiring players to strive for excellence while also contributing to the success of LOL events. By diving deeper into the players’ stories, we can better appreciate their efforts and achievements.

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