Esports is included in the bad side of the Olympics





In recent years, eSports has risen rapidly as an important area in the global entertainment industry. However, as esports has grown in popularity in mainstream culture, so has the discussion of including it in the Olympics. As appealing as the idea may seem, we must seriously consider the disadvantages of including esports in the Olympics.

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1. Importance

Esports is very popular among young people and has become a huge cultural phenomenon. However, its inclusion in the Olympics could undermine the Games’ core values, such as physical and teamwork.

2. Various types and their advantages

2.1 Multiple Game Types

Esports includes various genres such as real-time strategy games (RTS), shooters, sports games, and more. This diversity, while appealing to players from different backgrounds, also means that it is difficult to determine a uniform standard and judging criteria, which will pose a challenge to the fairness of the game.

2.2 Health Problems

Indulging in esports for a long time can lead to health problems such as neck and shoulder pain, eye strain, and lack of exercise. This phenomenon is relatively rare in Olympic sports, so the introduction of esports could exacerbate these problems.

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), prolonged esports activities are associated with increased rates of inactivity and obesity among adolescents [^1^]. In addition, IOC President Thomas Bach has expressed concern that esports may not be at odds with the core values of the Olympic Games, a sentiment echoed by many in the sports world[^2^].


Despite the importance of esports in contemporary culture, the idea of including it in the Olympics requires much deeper thinking. We should be wary of the health issues that esports can bring, while also ensuring that the tournament is fair and consistent. Only by overcoming these challenges can esports show its true value on the Olympic stage.

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