Hangzhou Asian Games Badminton Women’s Singles Final: An Xiying defeated Chen Yufei again and won the gold medal





The Hangzhou Asian Games badminton women’s singles final was in the spotlight, and the young Korean player Ahn Se-ying once again faced the once unsurpassable mountain Chen Yufei, and the event was full of drama tension. An Se Ying suffered a knee injury after the first game, but showed amazing strength in the deciding game, eventually defeating Chen Yufei to win the gold medal in the women’s singles badminton.


The importance of this match lies in the pinnacle duel between the two best fighters, and Ahn Se Ying overcoming past setbacks to challenge herself again and again to finally win the gold medal. It was also a major victory for Korean badminton in international competitions, showcasing their competitiveness in the sport.

Various types and their advantages

1. The spirit of struggle

Ahn Se Ying’s story shows the importance of the spirit of struggle. Five years ago, she participated in the Asian Games for the first time and was defeated by Chen Yufei, but she did not give up. The victory in this game represents the ability to keep working hard and surpass yourself.

2. Physical fitness and technique

In this match, we saw the excellent physical fitness and technique of the badminton players. Although Ahn was injured in the first game, she showed excellent physical fitness in the deciding game and showed great skill, especially in defense.

3. The importance of coaching

Behind Ahn Se Ying’s success is an excellent coach, Sung Ji Hyun, who has played a key role in helping her overcome her weaknesses and improve her technique. This re-emphasises the critical role of coaches in athletic success.


The victory in the women’s singles final of the Hangzhou Asian Games not only represents Ahn Se-ying’s personal achievements, but also represents the competitiveness of Korean badminton. This race taught us the fighting spirit, the physical excellence and the value of coaching in sports. Ahn Se Ying’s victory will always be remembered, and her breakthrough year as a world champion brought new hope to the world of badminton.

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