Deposit instructions

  1. Online Banking Self-service Deposit Users: If you have self-deposited funds through online banking and have not arrived at your account for a long time, please contact 24-hour online customer service in time.
  2. Name inconsistency: If the name of the depositor does not match the name of the game account, the user needs to provide an online banking e-receipt to assist the financial staff to supplement the order information.
  3. Third-Party Payment Deposits: For members who make deposits through third-party payments, if there is a loss of order, please contact online customer service in time and provide the order number, deposit amount and deposit time so that they can process it as soon as possible.
  4. Deposit Confirmation: Before using offline or online banking to make a deposit, users must first confirm the deposit account currently displayed and follow the deposit methods provided on the official website. Depositing without confirming the deposit account may result in losses and BetOne Casino is not responsible for such cases.
  5. Minimum Deposit Amount: The minimum deposit amount is $100.

The final decision rests with BetOne Casino. Users should read and comply with the relevant policies and regulations carefully when making withdrawals to ensure a smooth deposit process. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact BetOne Casino.