Responsible gambling

Responsible Gambling Questionnaire Answers:

Here are some questions you can ask to find out if you’ve become addicted to gambling:

1. Will you gamble because you avoid work and Xi?

2. Do you gamble to escape a dull or unhappy life?

3. Do you feel like you have lost your money or should you bet again as soon as possible when the bet is finished?

4. Will you keep betting until you run out of money?

5. Do you deliberately hide the amount of time and money you spend gambling?

6. Has anyone criticized you for your gambling involvement?

7. Have you lost interest in your family, friends, or hobbies?

8. Do you want to win back your lost money immediately after you lose?

9. Are you not willing to spend your bet on other things?

There is usually no set standard for these questions, but in general, the more times a participant answers “yes”, it may indicate that a participant may have a more serious gambling problem. However, this is only a reference and may not be applicable in all cases. Anyone who has doubts should be cautious about gambling and follow the advice you provide, especially if gambling is a recreational activity.


Self-isolation is a beneficial option, especially for those who feel addicted to gambling. Offering an account closure option of six months to five years is a responsible move that can help people take a break from gambling to recover their finances and lives. This is an important support measure.

Age Restrictions & Parental Controls:

It is very important to ensure that gambling activities are not offered to anyone under the age of 18, and it is a legal and ethical practice. Similarly, parental controls and the installation of child protection software can ensure that underage family members are not exposed to adult or gambling content as part of family safety.

Remember, gambling should be responsibly and entertaining, and should not adversely affect one’s life and finances.