User Agreement

  • By registering an account, you agree to comply with the Terms of Use, Game Rules and Terms of BetOne Casino, and assume legal responsibilities.
  • Your use of the services provided by BetOne Casino is voluntary, you acknowledge and accept the risks of gambling, and you agree that the services are normal, reasonable, just and fair.
  • The user must provide true, accurate and complete registration information, once registered, it is not possible to change this information unless there is a special reason.
  • The user’s game account name must match their ID card and bank account.
  • BetOne Casino reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the user, suspend or close the relevant game account and not refund any amount if it is found that the user has logged in or participated in the game in any improper manner.
  • Users must check the game account information and contact customer service immediately if they find any abnormalities.
  • It is forbidden for users to place bets by improper means such as professional computers, discounts, etc.
  • In the event of a discrepancy between the results displayed by the User’s computer and the results displayed by the Platform Server, the results displayed by the Platform Server will be considered final.
  • Users cannot log in to the game using a fake IP address.
  • Users who violate the Agreement may be suspended or banned from using the Services.

In short, you should read and understand these terms and conditions carefully before using BetOne Casino services, as compliance with them is a legal agreement between you and the casino. At the same time, BetOne Casino reserves the right to change these rules and users can review the latest rules and terms at any time. The final decision rests with BetOne Casino.