Hong Kong lost 0:4 to Uzbekistan and ranked fourth, setting the best result in history





The Asian Games Football Bronze Medal Match is an important event for the Hong Kong football team, which represents the competitiveness and spirit of Hong Kong football. Although the Hong Kong team failed to win in this game, they still set the best result in the history of the Asian Games, which is of great significance for the development of Hong Kong football.

Game recap

The game was played in heavy rain, and the Uzbek football team threatened the Hong Kong team’s goal several times in the early stages of the game, but the Hong Kong team’s goalkeeper Xie Jiarong performed well and successfully blocked the opponent’s shot. Hong Kong also tried to counter-attack, but failed to break down the Uzbekistan defence.

However, in the first half of the game, a player of the Uzbek team broke through the Hong Kong team’s defense with individual ability and scored a goal to temporarily make the Hong Kong team temporarily 1:0 down. In the second half, the Uzbekistan team stepped up its offensive and scored consecutive goals to win 4-0.

The efforts of the Hong Kong team

Despite the unsatisfactory result, the Hong Kong players showed great perseverance and fighting spirit. They defended with all their might against a strong Uzbek opponent and did everything they could on the field.

Hong Kong’s goalkeeper Tse Ka-wing made many saves during the game, showing excellent goalkeeping skills. In addition, Hong Kong’s striker An Yongjia has also been working hard to try to score goals for the team.

Spectators of the bronze medal match

The important bronze medal match attracted 9,825 spectators, who were enthusiastic despite the heavy rain during the match. This shows the popularity of Hong Kong football in the local community and the support people have for the team.


Although the Hong Kong team failed to win the Asian Games football bronze medal match, their performance was still impressive. The tournament brought hope for the future of football in Hong Kong and inspired more young players to take up the sport. The hard work and fighting spirit of the Hong Kong team will continue to promote the development of Hong Kong football and bring more impressive results to future international competitions.

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